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Anonymize, a division of Swivro, is an organization helping you restore and retain your online privacy, eliminating prying eyes, because privacy is a right.

You should care about your digital privacy. Everyone has something to hide.

Lets not confuse privacy with secrecy; keeping your privacy is different than keeping a secret. Everyone knows what happens on the toilet, but you still choose to close the bathroom door. That's not because you want to be secretive, you want privacy. Everyone has something to hide.

Imagine if you could make payments internationally, without a central authority.

Say hello to cryptocurrency. There are thousands of different cryptocurrencies, but only certain ones good for private transactions Cryptocurrency allows you to make international payments without providing any personally-identifiable-information, or without having a central authority. That's privacy.

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NFTs; they aren't the worst, but the majority of NFT holders are stupid.

NFTs... we already know what you're probably thinking. Pure garbage easily-reproduced images. We understand, and in fact agree. We're making use of NFTs in a way that not many other people do. See more on our upcoming NFT page.

Significantly improve your online privacy in just a few quick steps

Digital privacy & anonymity matters. With our one-page privacy checklist, you can significantly improve your digital privacy & anonymity, to avoid malicious actors and to keep what you're doing private.


Anonymize, a Swivro division, is an organization dedicated to helping you restore and retain your online privacy, eliminating prying eyes